A personal, reflective, and not so insightful essay on preparing a project

Below is a reflective essay on the preparation of a community project I submitted to the GIG1005 Social Engagement course in March 2021. Hope you enjoy it!

Another day of learning react.
I just want to get familiarized with the React and Javascript ES6 complex state concept although I already knew it. It is one of the ways we structure state in a much more ‘DRY’ way with some sophisticated processes behind the scene.

Sipping with the fresh brewery coffee and the keyboard is sounding for 45 mins in the morning.

Getting started with the first lecture of the day, when I heard of the course GIG1005 Social Engagement requires us to run a huge community service project, I was really amazed because that is what I’m passionate about during my secondary school years, and the feeling of satisfaction fires up my cold heart after the deep-down period of home isolation.

I was wondering what project content to choose. I quickly browse on google to come up with fun and cool project ideas. After a second of brainstorming, I came up with and propose an idea of teaching the community about web development.

I could say web development is fun and easy to learn, even a person with no mathematical skills or no prior knowledge could grasp it easily.

I learned web development from scratch 1.5 months ago and until now I can create a real-world website (currently working on the slack-clone web app etc.😎), isn’t it interesting?

Our director announced the date of our first meeting which is at the night, we (<60 people attended) are briefed with the entire thicks and thins of the community project. Consequently, we concluded running a community project about teaching java programming and some AI basics.

Anyways, we are asked to choose the department that we are interested in. At that moment, I am really excited because there is a blog journalist department that focuses on website building and updating. Undoubtedly, the name list automatically adds my name😆. I am super pumped to get started to build a website with talented and positive developers.

We had a department meeting a couple of days later to get to know each other. We had a really exciting voting session and a fun conversation about our project. I genuinely get motivated and motivated to strive for the success story of this project.

Normally, I code for a website using NodeJS, EJS (simple templating language to generate HTML markup using JS), CSS, Javascript, and last but not least, the ever since powerful animation libraries for Javascript that I really want to share is the GreenSock Animation Platform(GSAP).

Nevertheless, during the meeting session, we are introduced to a somehow powerful website building software with no code needed: Mobirise. This software is literally a drag-and-drop web building software that allows an easier way to build a website, but in my perspective, the hardcoded website is much more slick and customizable. The problem associated with Mobirise is that it doesn’t support synchronous team working. So, we came up with maybe some people do the web stuff and some will update the content.

I voiced out my opinions about the dynamic websites, hosting, and web encryption security issues. We as a team came across the problems and different opinions, we manage to solve them efficiently within an hour. I was really grateful to have a team that shares the same interest although some of us don’t have any prior knowledge of web development, it’s okay because everyone starts from zero😁.

I am preparing to build a dynamic website although I am asked to do a static one because it is very fun when it comes to code especially the frontend stuff. I should admit that I ain’t really good at web development but the learning process is really exhilarating and my stressy mind will be rejuvenated after the long hours of sitting in front of the computer.

I coded these in 3–4 days. This is a dynamic website created by using NodeJS(Backend) that can interact with the MongoDB cloud atlas database. Admin can directly update the announcement and content after logging in. The navbar is the customizations of the Bootstrap 5 component. This website is my own work and hasn’t gotten the consensus by my teammates of publishing it. Still getting some bugs fixed and implement some new features and pages. (ps: my teammates didn’t know I have created this)

The experience of managing the project is really fun and invigorating. I want to share this feeling where you can get motivated and motivated to do the things you are passionate about.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Thank you for reading until here, hope you get some thoughts, by the way, I am Yeow Zi Qin (U2005365), a Year 1 AI student at the University of Malaya. This is a reflection on the preparation for a project. Will be posting the reflection on Getting Started with the project where I will talk about some challenges and cool stories that I encountered in starting the project.